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10 brutal but honest illustraions that prove what modern life is turned us to

Being referred to as “modern people” is become one of the most misleading adjective for us. Ofcourse we belong to a Gen that’s swift to everything and doesn’t shy away like the people of earlier ages. But the reality of life doesn’t change. The emotions doesn’t change.

The race to success, money and relationships have set up such harsh notions that there’s nothing but just misconceptions to handle. And unfortunately, knowingly or unknowingly, all of us are falling into the trap!

So here are a few illustrations on how the modern life has slowly but steadily vanished the “Life” out of it!

10 brutal but honest illustrations that prove what modern life is turned us to

1.No wonder we are being influenced and carried away by fake worldly likes and choices


2.Virtual dating seems so much more genuine. But let’s admit it. They are after all just “Virtual”.


3. Our roots of life.


4. What are we heading to? A corporate life that fetches just money or a career that fetches satisfaction?


5. Chaos that lead us nowhere.


6. They say money doesn’t buy you happiness. True. But it has all the potential to lead you to destruction. life-illustrations

7. The life you have, many out other are craving for it.


8. Have the courage the stand out in the herd. Be heard. Make your point. life-illustrations

9. Care to indulge in some fake strengths and body fitness? Hell no!


10. Are we eating the food? Or is the food eating us?life-illustrations

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