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Chai wallpaper | Cutting Chai quotes | Chai time quotes |

A lot can be shared over a cup of chai! And when its at the most random moment, trust me it’s the best! And I’m sure all of us have a thing for cutting chai. While for some its the chai and sotts combo that makes their day!

There is no other alternative yet found for this immense cup of fun and relaxation. A cup of chai is what all of us turn to when it’s rainy day or a stressful one!

So here’s to all the chai lovers, some nice catchy chai quotes. Take a look. Here is our pick for the best Chai wallpaper | Cutting Chai quotes | Chai time quotes |

Chai wallpaper | Cutting Chai quotes | Chai time quotes |

1.Today have a cup of positivitea!

best chai quotes

2. Take life one chai at a time.

rain and chai

3. Chai it, you’ll like it.

quotes about tea


4.Coffee is just not my cup of tea.

chai wallpaper

5. Late nights. Good books. Warm tea. Nice dreams.

best chai status

6. The ultimate elixir of life.

tea status


7. You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

chai quotes

8. Let’s have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.

chai quotes

9. There is always time for some chai.

chai and samosa

10. Kettle on. Feet up.

cuttin chai quotes

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