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61 Amazing Quotes by Dale Carnegie

Best Dale Carnegie Quotes

Dale Carnegie was an American lecturer as well as author. He was the developer of some of the popular programs in salesmanship, self-improvement, public speaking, interpersonal skills as well as corporate training. Below is a list of some of the best quotes by Dale Carnegie.

  1. “Remember happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think” - Dale Carnegie
  2. “Don’t be afraid of enemies who attack you. Be afraid of the friends who flatter you.” - Dale Carnegie
  3. “Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.” - Dale Carnegie
  4. “Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.” - Dale Carnegie
  5. “Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude” - Dale Carnegie
  6. “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.” - Dale Carnegie
  7. “You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.” - Dale Carnegie
  8. “Be sympathetic with the other person’s ideas and desires.” - Dale Carnegie
  9. “I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way under high heaven to get the best of an argument – and that is to avoid it. Avoid it as you would avoid rattlesnakes and earthquakes.” - Dale Carnegie
  10. “Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic” - Dale Carnegie
  11. “Names are the sweetest, most important sound in any language.” - Dale Carnegie
  12. “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” - Dale Carnegie
  13. “By fighting, you never get enough – but by yielding, you get more than you expected.” - Dale Carnegie
  14. “Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment” - Dale Carnegie
  15. “Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, ‘I like you. You make me happy. I am glad to see you.’” - Dale Carnegie
  16. “First ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then proceed to improve on the worst.” - Dale Carnegie
  17. “Action seems to follow feeling, but really action and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under the more direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling, which is not.” - Dale Carnegie
  18. “There is only one way… to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it.” - Dale Carnegie
  19. “Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.” - Dale Carnegie
  20. “Many people think that if they were only in some other place, or had some other job, they would be happy. Well, that is doubtful. So get as much happiness out of what you are doing as you can and don’t put off being happy until some future date.” - Dale Carnegie
  21. “To be interesting, be interested.” - Dale Carnegie
  22. “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.” - Dale Carnegie
  23. “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” - Dale Carnegie
  24. “There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” - Dale Carnegie
  25. “You can’t win an argument. You can’t because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it.” - Dale Carnegie
  26. “Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire” - Dale Carnegie
  27. “The difference between appreciation and flattery? That is simply. One is sincere and the other insincere. One comes from the heart out; the other from the teeth out. One is unselfish; the other selfish. One is universally admired; the other universally condemned.” - Dale Carnegie
  28. “Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.” - Dale Carnegie
  29. “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” - Dale Carnegie
  30. “Criticism is dangerous, because it wounds a person’s precious pride, hurt his sense of importance and arouses resentment.” - Dale Carnegie
  31. “The person who seeks all their applause from outside has their happiness in another’s keeping .” - Dale Carnegie
  32. “If some people are so hungry for a feeling of importance that they actually go insane to get it, imagine what miracle you and I can achieve by giving people honest appreciation this side of insanity.” - Dale Carnegie
  33. “For better or worse, you must play your own instrument in the orchestra of life.” - Dale Carnegie
  34. “Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.” - Dale Carnegie
  35. “The chronic kicker, even the most violent critic, will frequently soften and be subdued in the presence of a patient, sympathetic listener – a listener who will be silent while the irate fault-finder dilates like a king cobra and spews the poison out of his system.” - Dale Carnegie
  36. “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” - Dale Carnegie
  37. “Most of us have far more courage than we ever dreamed possible” - Dale Carnegie
  38. “Arouse in the other person an eager want. He who can do this has the whole world with him. He who cannot walks a lonely way.” - Dale Carnegie
  39. “There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it.” - Dale Carnegie
  40. “You are merely not feeling equal to the tasks before you.” - Dale Carnegie
  41. “Winning friends begins with friendliness.” - Dale Carnegie
  42. “The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.” - Dale Carnegie
  43. “You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.” - Dale Carnegie
  44. “Why talk about what we want? That is childish. Absurd. Of course you are interested in what you want. You are eternally interested in it. But no one else is. The rest of us are just like you: we are interested in what we want.” - Dale Carnegie
  45. “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.” - Dale Carnegie
  46. “It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.” - Dale Carnegie
  47. “We all have possibilities we don’t know about. We can do things we don’t even dream we can do.” - Dale Carnegie
  48. “Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” - Dale Carnegie
  49. “Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it… that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.” - Dale Carnegie
  50. “Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.” - Dale Carnegie
  51. “Act as if you were already happy and that will tend to make you happy” - Dale Carnegie
  52. “If only the people who worry about their liabilities would think about the riches they do possess, they would stop worrying.” - Dale Carnegie
  53. “Fear not those who argue but those who dodge.” - Dale Carnegie
  54. “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” - Dale Carnegie
  55. “Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.” - Dale Carnegie
  56. “Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view.” - Dale Carnegie
  57. “Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves.” - Dale Carnegie
  58. “Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have.” - Dale Carnegie
  59. “When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade.” - Dale Carnegie
  60. “Each nation feels superior to other nations. That breeds patriotism – and wars.” - Dale Carnegie
  61. “The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.” - Dale Carnegie

Exceeding were few of the memorable quotes by Dale Carnegie, we hope that you must have enjoyed reading them. If you have more quotes by Dale Carnegie, do share them with us through your comments.

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