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69 Powerful Quotes by Euripides

Best Euripides Quotes

Euripides was one of the great Athenian poet as well as play writers of ancient Greece. He was well known for his various tragedies he wrote, comprising of The Bacchae and Medea. He is one of the three whose plays have survived along with the other two being Sophocles and Aeschylus. Below is a list of few of the greatest quotes by Euripides.

Euripides Quotes

  1. “To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.” - Euripides
  2. “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” - Euripides
  3. “People that seem so glorious are all show; underneath they are like everyone else.” - Euripides
  4. “But learn that to die is a debt we must all pay.” - Euripides
  5. “He is not a lover who does not love forever.” - Euripides
  6. “Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.” - Euripides
  7. “The good and the wise lead quiet lives.” - Euripides
  8. “To persevere, trusting in what hopes he has, is courage in a man.” - Euripides
  9. “Cleverness is not wisdom.” - Euripides
  10. “Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” - Euripides
  11. “There is one thing alone that stands the brunt of life throughout its length: a quite conscience.” - Euripides
  12. “Authority is never without hate.” - Euripides
  13. “The language of truth is simple.” - Euripides
  14. “Noble fathers have noble children.” - Euripides
  15. “Wealth stays with us a little moment if at all: only our characters are steadfast, not our gold.” - Euripides
  16. “Youth is the best time to be rich, and the best time to be poor.” - Euripides
  17. “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” - Euripides
  18. “No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.” - Euripides
  19. “Among mortals second thoughts are wisest.” - Euripides
  20. “No one who lives in error is free.” - Euripides
  21. “When a good man is hurt all who would be called good must suffer with him.” - Euripides
  22. “Events will take their course, it is no good of being angry at them; he is happiest who wisely turns them to the best account.” - Euripides
  23. “Fortune truly helps those who are of good judgment.” - Euripides
  24. “Nothing has more strength than dire necessity.” - Euripides
  25. “Time will explain it all. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks.” - Euripides
  26. “Slight not what’s near through aiming at what’s far.” - Euripides
  27. “Prosperity is full of friends.” - Euripides
  28. “Reason can wrestle and overthrow terror.” - Euripides
  29. “’Twas but my tongue, ’twas not my soul that swore.” - Euripides
  30. “Impudence is the worst of all human diseases.” - Euripides
  31. “Down on your knees, and thank heaven, fasting, for a good man’s love.” - Euripides
  32. “I love the old way best, the simple way of poison, where we too are strong as men.” - Euripides
  33. “There is nothing like the sight of an old enemy down on his luck.” - Euripides
  34. “But this is slavery, not to speak ones thought.” - Euripides
  35. “He was a wise man who originated the idea of God.” - Euripides
  36. “That glittering hope is immemorial and beckons many men to their undoing.” - Euripides
  37. “Some wisdom you must learn from one who’s wise.” - Euripides
  38. “Much effort, much prosperity.” - Euripides
  39. “Of all things upon earth that bleed and grow, a herb most bruised is woman.” - Euripides
  40. “Do not plan for ventures before finishing what’s at hand.” - Euripides
  41. “Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.” - Euripides
  42. “Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.” - Euripides
  43. “Human misery must somewhere have a stop; there is no wind that always blows a storm.” - Euripides
  44. “The bold are helpless without cleverness.” - Euripides
  45. “There is the sky, which is all men’s together.” - Euripides
  46. “I hate it in friends when they come too late to help.” - Euripides
  47. “Youth holds no society with grief.” - Euripides
  48. “The best prophet is common sense, our native wit.” - Euripides
  49. “Ignorance of one’s misfortunes is clear gain.” - Euripides
  50. “Often a noble face hides filthy ways.” - Euripides
  51. “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness” - Euripides
  52. “It is change; all yields its place and goes.” - Euripides
  53. “The wavering mind is but a base possession.” - Euripides
  54. “No one is truly free, they are a slave to wealth, fortune, the law, or other people restraining them from acting according to their will.” - Euripides
  55. “When a man’s stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor.” - Euripides
  56. “Forgive, son; men are men; they needs must err.” - Euripides
  57. “He was a wise man who originated the idea of God.” - Euripides
  58. “Joint undertakings stand a better chance when they benefit both sides.” - Euripides
  59. “Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.” - Euripides
  60. “Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head.” - Euripides
  61. “Every man is like the company he is wont to keep.” - Euripides
  62. “In goodness there are all kinds of wisdom.” - Euripides
  63. “Among mortals second thoughts are wisest.” - Euripides
  64. “To generous souls every task is noble.” - Euripides
  65. “Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.” - Euripides
  66. “Silver and gold are not the only coin; virtue too passes current all over the world.” - Euripides
  67. “The good and the wise lead quiet lives.” - Euripides
  68. “Danger gleams like sunshine to a brave man’s eyes.” - Euripides
  69. “Lucky that man whose children make his happiness in life and not his grief, the anguished disappointment of his hopes.” – Euripides

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