Best Tyler Knott Gregson quotes | Quotes by Tyler Knott Gregson |

A lot of poets and and writers who have taken the literature by storm, are all from the good old years. It is Tyler Knott Gregson, who brings the nostalgia of poetry back into the modern world with the same aura.

So if you are an evid reader and lover of poetry and quotes, Tyler Knott will steal your heart with his whole lot of poems and quotes. Take a look!

Here is our pick for the Best Tyler Knott Gregson quotes | Quotes by Tyler Knott Gregson |

Best Tyler Knott Gregson quotes | Quotes by Tyler Knott Gregson |

  1. Find my hand in the darkness and if we cannot find the light, we will always make our own.
  2. We are half people and we will stay half people until we stop wishing for wishes that have already been granted.
  3. I would love to say that you make me weak in the knees but to be quite upfront and completely truthful, you make my body forget it has knees at all.
  4. Warm me like sunlight and soothe me like rain. Burn me with passion and steal away the pain.
  5. How often I wonder if you are thinking of me at the exact moment I am thinking of you.
  6. It’s amazing how manageable life can feel with only one blanket and the right two arms.
  7. Because of you I can feel myself slowly but surely becoming the me I have always dreamed of being.
  8. You have never had to steal my breath or take it away; somehow you have always managed to convince me to hand it over freely.
  9. What if everyday is the perfect day to finally be exactly who you were always meant to be?
  10. Do you think it’s possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever get back in return?
  11. I would set myself on fire if you ever complained that your feet were cold.
  12. I love the stolen seconds of a stunning us and I love the way your eyes light up when they look at mine. I love the way your parentheses of you smile almost become quotation marks when they are stretching out for me.
  13. We are twin souls separated by a sea of soil.
  14. I kiss you and on your lips. I taste the sea and the sea has always been home to me.
  15. I would rather wear honest tears than the most beautiful and elaborately faked smile.
  16. All this time, I believed with all I am that I would find you.
  17. Would it be entirely too much to ask for you to wear a smile and absolutely nothing else today?
  18. Only weathering the greatest storms can we appreciate the most beautiful skies.
  19. For when the cold wind blows, I will close my eyes calmly, knowing I am anchored to you.
  20. No matter the darkness around you, shine your light. Even if you are the only thing shining for miles.
  21. It is hard to not feel broken when it is always quiet enough to hear your pieces rattle.
  22. Let’s start with today. We can let forever come as slow as it comes.
  23. There’s a light in you and it makes me never fear the darkness in me.
  24. I will crawl through your hair, tangled up and fallen, and burrow deep into your dream. I will be the wish you were too scared to make.
  25. How curious that I, looking at you, am thinking exactly what you looking at me, are thinking and yet, we both cannot understand.
  26. Sometimes anywhere but here is the most stunning destination. If you never plan where you’re going, you can never get lost.
  27. The love we were promised in fairy tales was never something for us to find. It has always been something for us to create.
  28. How quickly jealous I become of the wind when it, and not I gets the privilege of properly messing your hair.
  29. And from across the crowded room I saw you smile only at me!
  30. You are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.

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