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Quotes for Dogs | Dog quotes |Famous quotes about dogs

If you have ever been under the warmth of a dog, you will always realize what unconditional love really feels like! And probably that is the only reason it is said that Dogs are man’s best friend.

So if you ever feel like giving a cute caption to your pictures with Dogs, here are some quotes that you will love!

Quotes for Dogs | Dog quotes |Famous quotes about dogs

Have a look at our collection for the best Quotes for Dogs.

Quotes for Dogs | Dog quotes |Famous quotes about dogs

1.You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!

2. A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.

3. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

4. Hounds follow those who feed them.

5. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

6. Every dog has his day, unless he loses his tail, then he has a weak-end.

7. Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.

8. The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

9. The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs

10. The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.

11. Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.

12. What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog

13. What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

14. There are three faithful friends: an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.

15. Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate.

16. Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea

17. When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad

18. To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs

19. There are times when even the best manager is like the little boy with the big dog — waiting to see where the dog wants to go so he can take him there

20. Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.”

21. A dog can’t think that much about what he’s doing, he just does what feels right.”

22. Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.

23.Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

24. I care not for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.

25. Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.

26. Dogs never bite me. Just humans.

27. No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.

28. If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.

29. Happiness is a warm puppy.

30. Dogs got personality. Personality goes a long way.

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