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65 Top Motivational Quotes by Robin Sharma

Famous Robin Sharma Quotes

Robin Sharma is a Canadian author, leadership expert, famous speaker, as well as a former Litigation Lawyer. He is an encouragement of inspiration. He is the author of fifteen global best seller novels including The Leader Who Had No Title as well as The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Below are some of the insightful quotes by Robin Sharma.

Robin Sharma Quotes

  1. “The boundaries of your life are merely a creation of the self.” - Robin Sharma
  2. “Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results.” - Robin Sharma
  3. “The price of greatness is responsibility over each of your thoughts” - Robin Sharma
  4. “To double your net worth, double your self-worth. Because you will never exceed the height of your self-image.” - Robin Sharma
  5. “Persistence is the mother of personal change” - Robin Sharma
  6. “All great thinkers are initially ridiculed – and eventually revered.” - Robin Sharma
  7. “With one eye fixed on the destination there is only one left to guide you along the journey” - Robin Sharma
  8. “Clarity breeds mastery.” - Robin Sharma
  9. “Be patient and live with the knowledge that all you are searching for is certain to come if you prepare for it and expect it” - Robin Sharma
  10. “Your daily behavior reveals your deepest beliefs.” - Robin Sharma
  11. “Concentration is at the root of mental mastery” - Robin Sharma
  12. “The project you are most resisting carries your greatest growth.” - Robin Sharma
  13. “Find out what you truly love to do then direct all of your energy towards doing it” - Robin Sharma
  14. “Education is inoculation against disruption.” - Robin Sharma
  15. “Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued. It must ensue” - Robin Sharma
  16. “Criticism is the price of ambition.” - Robin Sharma
  17. “Take the road less travelled” - Robin Sharma
  18. “Knowing what to do and not doing it is the same as not knowing what to do.” - Robin Sharma
  19. “Saying that you don’t have time to improve your thoughts and your life is like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because you are to busy driving. Eventually it will catch up with you” - Robin Sharma
  20. “Be so good at what you do that no one else in the world can do what you do.” - Robin Sharma
  21. “One must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind him to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and a mystery” - Robin Sharma
  22. “Small daily – seemingly insignificant – improvements and innovations lead to staggering achievements over time.” - Robin Sharma
  23. “Self knowledge is the stepping stop to self mastery” - Robin Sharma
  24. “Ordinary people love entertainment. Extraordinary people adore education.” - Robin Sharma
  25. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” - Robin Sharma
  26. “Who you are becoming is more important than what you are accumulating.” - Robin Sharma
  27. “You must spend time every day, even if it is just a few minutes, in practice of creative envisioning” - Robin Sharma
  28. “Dream Big. Start small. Act now.” - Robin Sharma
  29. “If there is a lack in your life it is because there is a lack in your thoughts” - Robin Sharma
  30. “The most precious resource for businesspeople is not their time. It’s their energy. Manage it well.” - Robin Sharma
  31. “There is nothing noble about being superior to some other person. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self” - Robin Sharma
  32. “The fears you run from run to you.” - Robin Sharma
  33. “You can do whatever you want to do as long as it is correct according to your conscience and heart” - Robin Sharma
  34. “Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.” - Robin Sharma
  35. “Never be ashamed of doing that which is right. Decide on what you think is good and then stick to it” - Robin Sharma
  36. “Passion + production = performance.” - Robin Sharma
  37. “Never get into the petty habit of measuring yourself worth against other people’s net worth” - Robin Sharma
  38. “Give away what you most wish to receive.” - Robin Sharma
  39. “Every second you spend thinking about someone else’s dreams, you take time away from your own” - Robin Sharma
  40. “The results of your life reflect the standards you’ve set.” - Robin Sharma
  41. “Fatigue dominates the lives of those who are living without direction and dreams” - Robin Sharma
  42. “Silence your critics. Ignore your haters. Delete your cynics.” - Robin Sharma
  43. “Only those who seek shall find” - Robin Sharma
  44. “To have the rewards that very few have, do the things that very few people are willing to do.” - Robin Sharma
  45. “Trust yourself. Create the kind of life you will be as happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into the flames of achievement” - Robin Sharma
  46. “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” - Robin Sharma
  47. “He who serves the most, reaps the most, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually” - Robin Sharma
  48. “The secret of passion is purpose.” - Robin Sharma
  49. “People who study others are wise but those who study themselves are enlightened” - Robin Sharma
  50. “To breathe properly is to live properly” - Robin Sharma
  51. “The purpose of life is a life of purpose” - Robin Sharma
  52. “Where victims see adversity, extreme achievers see opportunity.” - Robin Sharma
  53. “Life is short. Be of use.” - Robin Sharma
  54. “Lasting happiness comes from steadily working to accomplish your goals and advancing in the direction of your life’s purpose” - Robin Sharma
  55. “You can’t be great if you don’t feel great. Make exceptional health your #1 priority.” - Robin Sharma
  56. “The secret of success is the constancy of purpose” - Robin Sharma
  57. “Understand the acute difference between the cost of something and the value of something.” - Robin Sharma
  58. “You will never be able to hit a target that you cannot see” - Robin Sharma
  59. “Know that the thing that is easiest to do is rarely the thing that is best to do.” - Robin Sharma
  60. “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love” - Robin Sharma
  61. “The secret to genius is not genetics but daily practice married with relentless perseverance.” - Robin Sharma
  62. “No man is free who is not a master of himself” - Robin Sharma
  63. “Your excuses are nothing more than the lies your fears have sold you.” - Robin Sharma
  64. “If you’re not scared a lot you’re not doing very much.” - Robin Sharma
  65. “To double your income, triple your investment in self-development.” - Robin Sharma

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