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Cancer quotes | Quotes about Cancer | Cancer traits |

Though their nagging could get on your nerves at times, their loving and spontaneous gesture is something that makes them a beautiful individual.

And if you have been around someone who belongs to the Cancer Zodiac sign, you will have noticed the protective and emotional side of them too.

People belonging to this sign are found to be clingy and suspicious, but creative and faithful at the same time. Cancer-born are extreme lovers and haters. And they are one of the most generous and ambitious people that you will see.

So if you are looking for some quotes or one-liners that you could relate to some Cancer-born that you know, take a look at these quotes.

Here is our collection for the best Cancer quotes | Quotes about Cancer | Cancer traits |

Cancer quotes | Quotes about Cancer | Cancer traits |

  1. They usually have internal battle on what to do and say.
  2. They are not the biggest risk takers except in love. They see no boundaries or limits when in love.
  3. Because cancer suffers in silence, no one really knows the depth of their sorrow and pain.
  4. Their gift is to help others find their way in life by inspiring them to be better.
  5. A cancer can go from being all sweet and caring to simply no giving a fuck.
  6. If a Cancer wants to keep you out, they’ll do just that!
  7. If a Cancer is mad, you better get out of that room.
  8. Don’t get used to the mood your cancer is in. In five minutes it could be different.
  9. A cancer can easily walk away while still looking you in the eye.
  10. They are invincible when it comes to arguments and cannot be talked out of anything.
  11. Even if it seems like a Cancer is tired of your bullshit they will always love you.
  12. They can be passionate, frugal and bit tardy at times.
  13. Although Cancers give and give, they do have a point where they won’t go any further.
  14. As emotional as they can be, trust that a cancer always bounces back stronger than ever from any situation.
  15. The low-key devoted one with a savage mouth.
  16. They can constantly think about a million things at once.
  17. The devoted one with a reckless mouth when pushed to that point.
  18. A cancer is more powerful than they let on.
  19. As a cancer, you’re either very social or very anti-social.
  20. The most self conscious and insecure of the zodiac because of their sensitivity.
  21. Don’t be fooled. A cancer has the will to get through just about anything.
  22. They are times where even they don’t understand what they’re feeling or why they’re feeling it.
  23. Cancer’s unique outlook on life makes them great advice givers.
  24. When they are in bad mood, everyone knows it.
  25.  The moody one.
  26. Their greatest fear is having their trust broken.
  27. When it comes down to appearing attractive to a Cancer all you need is a good heart and a barrel of jokes.
  28. They know just where to draw the line in a controversy.
  29. They will always go above and beyond for what you need.
  30. Their love slowly surrounds you in warmth and happiness.

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