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Warsen Shire quotes | Quotes by Warsen Shire|

The Kenya born, Somali-British poet has a lot more to say with her words and lines to the world. The girl who belongs to the younger generation and the same thought flow.

She finds interest in writing poetry which spells much more than just the words what she means. So here’s bringing some of her lines and quotes that has been inspiring and motivating.

And taking a look at her quotes, it will definitely be a bit difficult for us to come out of the aura that she takes us to!

So let’s take a look at all the beautiful Warsen Shire quotes | Quotes by Warsen Shire|

Warsen Shire quotes | Quotes by Warsen Shire|

1.My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.

2. It’s not my responsibility to be beautiful. I’m not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me.

3. You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, someone not everyone knows how to love.

4. Two people who were once very close can without blame or grand betrayal become strangers, perhaps this is the saddest thing in the world.

5. At the end of the day, it isn’t where I came from. Maybe home is somewhere I’m going and never have been before.

6. I have my mother’s mouth and my father’s eyes; on my face they are
still together.

7. With you, intimacy colours my voice.
even ‘hello’ sounds like ‘come here’.

8.  I belong deeply to myself .

9.  His heart wasn’t as beautiful as his smile

10. We emotionally manipulated one another until we thought it was love.

11. Loving you was like going to war; I never came back the same.

12. You hate women, just like your father and his father, so it runs in your blood.

13. I was wandering the derelict car park of your heart looking for a ride home

14. I stay because you’re the beginning of the dream I want to remember.

15. It’s not that he wants to be a liar; it’s just that he doesn’t know the truth.

16.  I couldn’t love you, you were a small war.

17. We covered the smell of loss with jokes.

18. I didn’t want to fail at love like our parents.

19. You made the nomad in me build a house and stay.

20. You’re the song I rewind until I know all the words and I feel sick.

21. Don’t assume, ask. Be kind. Tell the truth. Don’t say anything you can’t stand behind fully. Have integrity. Tell people how you feel.

22. If it’ll keep my heart soft, break my heart every day.

23. You are terrifying and strange and beautiful. Something not everyone knows how to love.

24. You think I’ll be the dark sky so you can be the star? I’ll swallow you whole.

25. Light attracts light. But sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy

26. Later that night, I held on atlas on my lap ran my fingers across the whole world, and whispered where does it hurt? It answered , everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

27. I’m overwhelmed. My biggest downfall is my brightest blessing, I feel too much, all the time. Ya Allah, if it’ll keep my heart soft, break my heart every day.

28. Make peace with your body, it’s not manmade, there are no flaws, there are no mistakes.

29. I tend to the wound so often, it never heals.

30. How far have you walked for men who’ve never held your feet in their laps?

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